Google+ Colcom, Inc. offers Biosafety cabinets, pharmacy and lab refrigerators, pharmacy and lab freezers, -86 freezers, autoclaves, washers, rodent monitoring, rodent caging, environmental monitoring, stability chambers. We serve all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware
Colcom Inc. bio-safety equipment

Colcom, Inc. has been serving the Hospital and Life Science communities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware since 1970. Colcom, Inc. offers Biosafety Cabinets, pharmacy and Lab Refrigerators, pharmacy and lab freezers, -86 freezers, Lab Autoclaves, Vivarium Washers, Rodent Caging, Fall and Wound Prevention, High Level Disinfection Vapor Control, Wound Prevention, Under-counter Washers, Mattress Repair, Incubators, and so much more!

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We serve all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware

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"Colcom’s longest standing manufacturer, The Baker Company, announces the release of their CO2 incubator that PREVENTS contamination.  Utilizing the same Laminar Flow technology that has made them the leader in contamination control, Baker designed and tested their incubator to provide Class 4 cleanliness.  Please check out the video that introduces the Cultivo CO2 incubator."

Baker Cultivo Incubator